Origins and Evolution

CEASEFIRE™ began as a government secret...

The original CEASEFIRE™ was developed for Project Gemini, the second human spaceflight program of NASA, which was conducted in order to further advance space technique for the upcoming Apollo missions. The fire-retardant technology was used to coat vital areas of the spacecraft to prevent flame spread.

CEASEFIRE™ was later used in bomber jets as a coating around bombs, in order to prevent them from exploding in case of a jet crash. Typically, a bomb would go off in under four minutes in the event of a crash – hardly enough time for the pilot to escape. With CEASEFIRE™, the bombs would resist explosion for 12 minutes, a time with which military personnel were quite pleased and which saved the lives of countless pilots.

In 1999, CEASEFIRE™ was released from contract with the government, and was commercialized. Today, the technology is in its third generation, now more powerful and versatile than ever. It is and always has been engineered, produced, and warehoused in the USA - a fine piece of American innovation.

Today it is in countless materials and products.  It has proven itself in the latex paint industry for non halogen, non toxic, no black smoke, non water soluble formats of paint production. Other materials are see-through lens, plastic face guards, remote equipment light weight buildings, carpet backings, coating construction plywood and other materials, plastics, foam modelings, epoxy coatings, military non flammable materials, and a host of other needs for fire retardant materials without the bad side affects of giving off toxic gases, making black toxic smoke, and polluting our water supplies. For more information call NewLineSafety at 201-379-5366,or email us at customer  All of our  technologies are engineered, produced, and warehoused in America, we do ship abroad.