CEASESFIRE™ is a revolutionary flame retardant intumescent technology. While we have incorporated the technology in a variety of ready-to-use coatings which meet and exceed fire ratings, CEASEFIRE™ is most impressive in its powder form. These additives which  can be integrated into a wide range of products and are suitable to be mixed into most organics, plastics, and manufactured materials are supplied to end-users to make their products fire retardant. In such cases our goal is to make those products capable of passing ASTM E84, E119, and E162 Class A V0 testing, or any ASTM test deemed necessary by our clients. 
All of our technologies are engineered, produced, and warehoused in America, and we are happy to ship abroad.
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CEASEFIRE™ does not contain borates, hydroxides, halogens, antimony, or brominated products, nor does it produce toxic gases, smoke, or hazardous fumes!


Strongest Carbon Chain

CEASEFIRE™'s  intumescent technology that has the most efficient char formation in the industry, it is not uncommon to see 3,4 or higher carbon chains in our structures, resulting in the strongest and most powerful fire-retardant dollar for dollar.

Water Insoluble

Unlike ammomium polyphosphates, CEASEFIRE™ will not leech into and contaminate water and other liquids to which it is exposed.


Suppression Like Never Before

Minimal applications of CEASEFIRE™ easily achieve Class A protection, making our technology the most economically-efficient and powerful fire-retardant on the market.


Chemical Know-How

Our chemists are experts in the industry, and are eager to work closely with clients on demanding R&D projects.


American Innovation

All of our  technologies are engineered, produced, and warehoused in America. Our products are capable when mixed into your materials of passing ASTM E84,  E119, and E162 Class A V0 testing, or any ASTM test deemed necessary by our clients.